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Reframing Winter


I know it’s not officially not winter anymore. But it feels like it. This winter has been a long one. Even though it’s officially spring, and we’ve had a smattering of spectacular spring days already, they’re calling for a bit more snow this week.

In a serious effort to make it through the last dregs of winter without getting too bitter, I’m trying to reframe winter. To think of the earth, curled under its blanket of snow and slush and ice, settling down for a long winter’s nap. I’m trying to think of winter as a Sabbath for the ground, taking a break to replenish itself before spring bursts onto the scene in earnest, and it bustles with the work of growing and producing again. We all need a phase of rest incorporated into our creative and work cycles.

How are you handling this painfully long winter? Any mind games that you’re finding particularly useful?