I am a Contributor: We Are the Contributors Project

We Are the Contributors

Credit: We Are the Contributors

I’ve been so busy with starting my new job, working on contract projects, and trying to stay warm the past few weeks (perhaps the most difficult task of all here in Philly!), that I neglected to share a really wonderful project that I got to be a part of last month!

Melanie Biehle and Sandra Harris joined together to start We Are The Contributors, an online community and publication that exists to showcase art in all its forms and to highlight makers across different media.

I participated in the most recent project by contributing an essay. You can read that and see amazing work by 11 other people at We Are the Contributors.

It was a really valuable experience for me to have a low-stakes venue, supportive community, and deadline that forced me into creative writing again. I’ve had a very fraught relationship with writing (and, tangentially, any really creative work) for the past ten years, so it was a powerful opportunity for me to throw a piece of writing out into the world. Not only that, but I also met a new Philly friend in the process!