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Iceland: Day 2

We caught a later brunch on our second day in Iceland at a place I really wanted to try. Grai Kotturin was another place I’d discovered in my research for this article over at Dish Trip. Its name translates to something like Grey Cat or Grey Kitten, which sold me even further. Who doesn’t want to eat a cozy brunch in a place called Grey Kitten? I certainly do. Especially after a rainy and cold walk during which a giant truck barreled through a giant puddle and made a giant splash of water that soaked my left side.

I had to take photos of our food everywhere we went because I promised an editor an article about the food in Reykjavik upon our return. That made me feel less silly about taking the ubiquitous photos of latte art.

Each of these dogs has a name, and they are pleasant breakfast companions, silently watching over you while you enjoy a delicious Icelandic interpretation of American breakfast food.

After brunch, we decided to figure out if going to the Blue Lagoon on a rainy day was at all a good idea. The woman in the tourist shop (I know, I know, usually not our thing) said that it would be perfect. She said it would be warm and cozy with even more steam rising off the top of the water, and that going in the rain was her favorite.

The Blue Lagoon is quite the tourist attraction and definitely priced as such. I heard that years ago, before the resort was built around it, you could just roll up and jump in. No more. That’s ok. It was totally worth it. I almost wanted to pay the overpriced admission a second time before we left the country. Sometimes when I’m really stressed or my body is sore and tired, I fantasize about going back to Iceland just for this.

After a long bus ride and walk back to the center of Reykjavik, we were cold and hungry and I just wanted more comfort food. We found Cafe Babalu. We struck up a conversation about the music in the restaurant with one of the waitstaff, who happened to be from Boston working an internship with Iceland Airwaves. After we talked for a bit, we discovered that we were also renting rooms in the same apartment, we just hadn’t run into each other there yet!
We grilled her about the music scene in Reykjavik and got the down low on the venues, bars, and thrift shops to check out. She also introduced us to the British band Daughter, who will be playing in Philly in March! Some chili, a panini, two plush mounted animal heads, and a new friend later, and we were ready to head back to our apartment for the night.