Summer White: Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

Now that the madness of the Fourth is behind us, the next Philly summer event I’m looking forward to is Diner en Blanc. I’ve noticed it’s been getting a ton of buzz this year, whereas last year I felt like I just stumbled upon it by a stroke of luck. If you’re not familiar with the event, check out my recap and photos of last year’s inaugural Philly soiree on Town Dish.

When last year’s Diner en Blanc took place, I had just bought my first DSLR and was prepping to go to Iceland. We hadn’t yet moved to the city, but had just signed a lease on our current apartment. We were gearing up for a massive amount of change, yet still took time to enjoy the surprise location of the classiest pop up picnic in the world. I was bummed that we had to skip out on the after party last year to get drive back to the suburbs and go to work the next day, but I’ll make a valiant attempt to make it to the after party this year! I’m amazed and so grateful for how much my life has changed in the past year.

Now that I live in Philly and have some of the essentials locked down (table, chairs, linens, etc), I’ll be able to focus more on enjoying the event, finding (or making!) my all-white outfit, and dreaming up an amazing late summer picnic menu.

Are you signed up for the waitlist? If you want to join me there on August 22, be sure to pre-register as soon as possible!

Chad at Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

Isn’t he beautiful? Gotta make him dress up more often.

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

Perhaps this is my favorite photo of us.

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

Those letterpress butter cookies I made were a huge hit.

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

I love the birdcage veil. I’d been watching her all night, hoping to snag this paparazzi shot.

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

Chad was thrilled when the dance party began.

Diner en Blanc Philadelphia

And then the party took to the water. Fountain water, that is.

  • You both look adorable in the photos! Love the long hair too. And the birdcage veil – I’m pretty sure that’s my client/friend Sara of SAKPR haha

    • Lisa

      Thanks! It never occurred to me to wear my birdcage veil. It’s what I wore for my wedding, and I’ve been dreaming of wearing it again someday. Maybe this year? Ha!

      That’s crazy… I wonder if it is the same person!