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SF IV: Golden Gate, Land and Sea

What’s a San Francisco series without obligatory Golden Gate photos? I certainly wouldn’t know.

We had lots of opportunities to take pictures of the Golden Gate. Chadoh found a nifty little sunset cruise for us to take on our second night there. It was an anniversary trip, after all. The Adventure Cat took us out under the bridge and past Alcatraz before turning around and heading back. I was not prepared for how freezing cold it would be on the water in the evening.

We met another couple on the cruise, Maurice and Debbie, from Ohio. They recommended renting bikes and riding over the bridge to Sausalito. I wasn’t that into the idea, so Chadoh found a place to rent electric bikes. It was fun to zip past other people struggling up the hills. I thought I might feel a little silly about the electric bike thing. But when we were flying up the hills, I yelled to Chad, “I don’t feel like a sell out at all. I feel like a girl who knows what she wants.” I don’t know what I would have done without the power assist going up those massively steep hills. Actually, I do. I would have walked my bike up the hills, whining all the way.

Even though it was sunny and warm where we rented our bikes, the bridge was cold and foggy. Intensely foggy. Like a cloud would feel. Regardless, I got maybe the worst sunburn of my life, but only on the back of my hands and a bit of my nose and scalp. It was so cold that those were the only parts of my skin that were exposed. Even now, a month later, my hands still hurt sometimes.

We took the ferry back from Sausalito. It was a pretty little boat ride.