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Lunchtime Reads 8.10.12

I had originally planned to do these posts regularly. Then I realized that almost all of my reading material was coming from one place — The Rumpus. I had to make a conscious effort to branch out. That obviously took awhile.

Also, I actually do read these on my lunch. My often 2:30 p.m. lunch, while hiding from the madness (and do I mean madness) in my car, stealing wireless on my laptop, trying not to think about going back into the office for a mere 1.5 to 2 more hours.

So, I do hope these bring you the same joy and pleasant distraction as they give me in the middle of my all-too-fraught-with-conflict workday!

This was how I felt about teaching. Except, I decided not to keep going. The public middle school students to whom I taught Spanish were a whole lot less rapt and entertained by my antics and outfits than the private high schoolers to whom I taught English. But this is why teaching still could be a possibility for my distant future, albeit a remote one.

I’ll always love Joan Didion’s words.

…and Anne Lamott’s. I also need to start applying her advice, on both writing and life. She is almost always spot on.

This is a true story. Parts of it echo things that are faintly true for more women than some would like to imagine.

And I wish I could identify with this more. Chadoh bought me a copy of Tiny Beautiful Things, as well as this famous mug, for our anniversary the other day. Cheryl Strayed is an absolute force.