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New Year’s week always feels a bit more significant to me, I think, because my birthday is on January 5. So I’m truly beginning a new year, not just of the calendar, but of life.

From Friday:
It feels like a new decade to me. I turn 26 tomorrow, and it’s like crossing some threshold into adulthood and real life. Arbitrary, I know, but it rounds up to 30. [25 does too, but this feels different.] The second half of my 20s means seriously working to find direction and then busting ass to work at what I love. It means putting everything I have into crafting a solid & deep foundation with Chad in preparation for expanding our baby family. It means letting go of adolescent fears and jealousies to make room for uninhibited & brave creativity and collaboration…

I spent Saturday wandering through The Reading Terminal Market and taking in views from the PSFS building (ideas that Chad got from Philly Love Notes) and hanging out with some of my favorite people. Chad made macaroni and cheese for supper (because no matter how old I get, my taste buds will always be stuck at 5 years old), and I stayed up til 5 am talking with a dear friend. 
It was perfect.
*Photos taken with iPhones by my friends & me throughout the weekend. Posted with their permission, of course!