The Artist’s Way

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Thoughts for a Tuesday

I’ve been having a hard time integrating The Artist’s Way into my days, aside from the Morning Pages, which I have been compartmentalizing. So I thought I’d make something out of a quote I pulled from this week’s chapter. I hope the act of creating something with the content of each week’s chapter will help me integrate it more fully into my consciousness throughout the week.

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Starting something new

I had heard of The Artist’s Way before Girl Crush Philly, I think perhaps from Buster Benson‘s I liked the idea of doing morning pages (writing three pages longhand each morning)in theory, but I never started them. I didn’t want to start anything except a job at the time.

I was also hesitant because the website looks, well, a little hokey. But then Danielle did an excellent job of selling me on the book and process during Girl Crush and a new neighbor friend also suggested I give it a try. Seemed like someone was trying to tell me something.

So I bought the book, and now that I’ve intentionally bailed on the 9-to-5, it seems like the perfect time to get started.

I’m hoping it will help lend structure to my day and also inform my work going forward.

Proper ingredients to begin:

Collage made during Girl Crush

Writing utensils and photo of happy time

Serious stuff

Inspirational mug to help me channel the honesty of Cheryl Strayed/Dear Sugar.
(I had a writing teacher in high school who kept a stash of hot tea in her room. Her reasoning was that when others critiqued our work, holding something warm would make us feel safer.)

A tidy workspace devoid of phone or computer. Bonus: A lighthearted friend with limited vocabulary to keep me company without criticism.

So here we go!