Small Goals

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March Small Goals

photo of plants on a small tableUhhh, February was too short for this. It felt really unproductive in the home/personal department, though I’ve been busy with work stuff.

1. Make the plants beautiful. Almost. I got new hangers to replace the plastic ones from the greenhouse, but that’s as far as I got.

2. Spend an hour every weekday learning. Document it. This one is kind of hard. JavaScript30 tends to take less than an hour, and there have been days when I just haven’t been able to fit it in, usually because I’m figuring something out (read: learning) on one of my work projects. So, done-ish, I guess?

3. Make this cake.  Nope. It got too warm and springlike to be eating things like red wine chocolate cake. For VDay, we got fancy takeout pizza and watched Westworld. It was perfect.

4. Make a plan for Chad’s birthday. Done! We are staycationing. I will probably still be working. He got a Nintendo Switch and is planning to spend his 30th birthday perhaps the way he spent his 12th (just kidding, I have no idea). Playing Zelda.

5. Get some frames. Nope, despite my planned stop at IKEA on the way to Philly. Once I got to IKEA, I wandered around looking at plant pots and feeling like there was something I was forgetting. Surely I didn’t drive all the way there to look for a large snake plant? Frames totally escaped me until I was back home that night. Whoops.

So, for March.

1. Make the plants beautiful. Maybe grab some new ones if the greenhouses are stocked and I can find a free weekend.

2. Have a fun and productive mastermind weekend with Chrystina, Sarah, and Sara this weekend. We’re hanging out in Lancaster and Lititz, eating and working and talking about blog/creative stuff this weekend!

3. Start taking evening walks… Daylight Savings Time!

4. Get some frames. There is, unfortunately, more IKEA in my future.

5. Reorganize my office. It’s easily cluttered, filled with dying plants, and I currently do not have a designated spot for books. No good.


February Small Goals

I skipped small goals in January. The world was all aflutter with everyone’s new plans and lists of things to do in the new year, and it felt like just too much to add on for the month, too.

But I do like the practice of it, and I like how it helps me frame the months. February feels practically over already (“why’s it so short?” she whined), but I’d like to come up with a few things to focus on. I’m having trouble picking, to tell the truth. There’s so much that I could do, and what feels like so little time this month. So I’ll try to keep it simple.

1. Make the plants beautiful. The former owners of this house left some plants here. They’re lovely, and they’ve fared well so far considering my hit-or-miss abilities as a plant mom. But they’re also in plastic hanging baskets like they came straight from the greenhouse, and replacing their pots with something nicer and gifting them each their own macrame hanger will go a long way in making them look less like ragamuffins.

2. Spend an hour every weekday learning. Document it. I started a GitHub repo where I’ll house all the tutorials or side things I do for learning purposes. It’s just called learning-2017, and inside will be directories of the tutorials I’m working through. Currently, that’s JavaScript30. I’m also wondering if I should add them to CodePen. Is that redundant? It is more exciting to look at. Please weigh in if you have thoughts.

3. Make this cake. I made it once before, and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

4. Make a plan for Chad’s birthday. I’m feeling like we need to do something or go somewhere for Chad’s upcoming 3-0, since we went to Reykjavik for mine. He may just want to staycation and work on his projects all day while I bring him food, though. Either way, we need to start planning now.

5. Get some frames. We now have quite a few prints we’ve collected that are frameless and in storage. And by “in storage,” I really mean gathering dust in corners of rooms that need to be tidied. I’d love to get them hung so I can look at them again and we can finally show them off.

What’s your February look like?