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In a rare moment of calm within the last few weeks, I had a sudden, gut-level sense that things were about to shift. I didn’t know what it would look like or what would be involved. I didn’t totally trust it, as I was in the midst of weeks-long anxiety. Things have been crazy. 
It has been a long few weeks. A couple of months, really. 
And on the other side, I’ve decided to give myself permission to do things I want to do because I want to do them. Not because they’re a good back up plan for an English and Spanish major. Not because they’re difficult or noble or an option. I don’t have to do everything I’m capable of doing. I don’t have to prove to be a hard worker to myself, to my parents, to a nonexistent audience I fear is hiding under my bed or in my closet. I don’t have to do all the things.
I don’t have to overwhelm myself, filling my time until people notice how productive I am. This has only yielded multiple unhealthy results.
It’s taken me a full year and a half, maybe more, to get here.
Right now, I have some breathing time, and an offer, a promise, of a tangible shift only a few weeks away. My gut was right.
How else to celebrate but a productive trip to the library on a soggy late afternoon?
This is how I plan to spend my time over the holiday. Five glorious days to sleep, be with family and friends, read because I want to, and be thankful for what’s to come.

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Language assistance

What is language assistance? Do you have trouble remembering when to use an apostrophe? Know the difference between an n-dash and m-dash? What about the difference between a colon and a semicolon? How are your spelling and consistency? Do you really have time to learn how to be a meticulous grammar snob? Probably not. That’s where language assistance comes in.

With degrees in English and Spanish, an eye for detail, and a variety of writing, copy editing, proofreading, and translation (English-Spanish) experience, I would love to assist you in tailoring your language (on fliers, brochures, Web sites, newsletters, and the like) into tight, professionally written copy. Fret no longer about misplaced punctuation, misspellings, and poor word choice, because you have found someone to help!