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Dish Outtakes: Is It Still Local if It Came from Three Hours Away?

… I say yes, as long as it came from my parents’ farm or somewhere else in the Valley, and especially if I helped harvest it with my own hands.

A couple weekends ago, I went back home to do corn. I didn’t decide I was going to go until the last minute, but ultimately, my parents were glad to have the help and I got to write anĀ article about it for The Town Dish, a network of hyper-local food sites, describing the entire process. It went live on Downingtown Dish yesterday!

I took a ton of photos for the article with our new SLR that we bought for our upcoming trip to Iceland. Here are some that I didn’t submit to the Dish.

We had an audience while husking the 55 to 60 dozen ears.

Enjoying a delightful early morning window sit.
Chad was a workhorse and took up a lot of the jobs my little brother usually does. He wasn’t around to do corn this year.

Proper cutting technique.

Chad happened to wake up at 6 a.m. on Sunday and decided to go take pictures of the sunrise in the cornfield.