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Life and Deadlines

I am good at deadlines, as long as they are set by others and those others expect me to meet them. I will meet deadlines; I will meet expectations.
I’ve never been good at making and keeping my own deadlines, being boring, doing the work. Maybe I don’t treat my “work” (or aspirations thereof) seriously enough. 
But for the past couple months, I gave myself permission to not even pretend to have deadlines. To live instead. To not be boring. To not do the work. It was easy to excuse this: I started a new job in December and I’m settling into the schedule and commute; the weather has been unseasonably delightful; we’ve been busy with life, really. But I sense that I’m coming to the end of my excuse rope. Time’s up.
I often don’t understand how some of the bloggers I read have time to live all the wonderful experiences they blog and photograph and upload all those pictures and deconstruct all those events, even if the event is just a perfectly styled weekend trip to the park. Doesn’t all that documenting interrupt the actual living? How do they manage their time and relationships? I mean, really, who has that kind of time? Part of me gets jealous. But just because I’m not obsessively documenting everything doesn’t mean I’m not also having delightful experiences of my own. 
Anyway, here are a few of the things I’ve been enjoying lately.

(Pablo is also envious of my time and is sad when I spend too much of it on the computer!)

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SF III: Flora and Fauna

San Francisco is a magical land where succulents grow like shrubbery outside.

For scale: Succulent next to man.

The types of growing things also changed dramatically from one place to another. Here, by the Golden Gate, everything looked like a dusty-colored version of itself. 

The sea lions were so very strange. I don’t know that I had seen a sea lion before. Their sounds were really funny. They slept on top of each other. It looked relaxing. Except, some of them were really awful and got in fights, throwing less dominant sea lions off of the docks. I’m wondering what it would be like to hug a sea lion. Maybe someday I will try to find out.

I don’t know why anyone would want a sea lion sound alerting them to a phone call or text message.

Garden kitteh.
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It’s summertime

Just look at this tree! This is looking out of one of our bedroom windows. This is what I saw when sitting at the desk a couple weeks ago. Since then, the blooms have blown off in the wind. The front yard was carpeted with them.
A few nights ago, we broke out the grill. We made hamburgers from the farm, and drank wine from Brookmere, right down the road from the farm. The grilling process was a little shaky, but we’ll figure out our system.

Today, I planted a dahlia bulb and zinnia seeds in containers on the balcony. I also assembled this little lovely.

Even Pablo Honey is pleased with the summery weather. Please excuse the view from our kitchen window. We live next door to a student rental. P. Honey Cat doesn’t seem to mind, though.

I didn’t think she would turn into a window cat. When we first got her, she was super skittish and afraid of all of the outdoor noises.

But now she can’t get enough.