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September Small Goals

September 2016 Small GoalsAugust went super fast. It started off with me falling down our stairs and injuring my tailbone (on our wedding anniversary, to add insult to injury). From there, we attended an old friend’s beautiful wedding, started getting quotes for a new boiler, road tripped to Pittsburgh to go to Abstractions, and spent a day in Belleville making and canning salsa. I also explored some new upcoming work projects and clients.

A review of August’s goals:

1. Finish painting the bedroom. Ugh. Done! I am so thrilled to be able to say that we finished painting the bedroom and I wrapped up painting the living room last night! No more dirty, ugly walls! More on all of this soon!

2. Finish chapters 1 and 2 of Data Visualization with JavaScript. Nope. I did get a little farther, but I’m wondering if I should read to understand broad concepts instead of doing every single example the book provides. I want to make significant progress in September.

3. Buy some coasters. Done! I stalled almost all month on ordering them, cause I had a hard time paying as much as I did for them, including shipping. But I’ve wanted these particular coasters for so long and I liked them more than any of the others I saw, so I pulled the trigger. I love them. More on these soon.

4. Work on an ebook idea!  Done-ish? I submitted a lightning talk proposal to WordCamp US based on this ebook idea.

5. Post here regularly. Nope.

So on to September!

1. Get through chapter 3 of Data Visualization with JavaScript.

2. Have a new heating system installation underway. Literally two weeks after closing, our boiler busted. So that’s approximately an $10,000 problem that we’re forced to deal with now before fall comes. I’m not thrilled. I’d way rather put that money toward other things, but staying warm is really important. Time to book ALL the web projects.

3. Hang art in the newly painted living room and bedroom! I’m excited to take stock of all of the art we have and maybe mix it up a bit as far as what pieces go in what room.

4. Dig out my calligraphy stuff and spend a few minutes playing with it a few times a week. I’m registered for a handlettering class at PCAD starting next week, so I feel like that will be motivational.

5. Post here regularly. Take time to write, photograph, and share. I want this space to be a community and a record of the story I’m living, more than it has been lately.


A Book, A Blanket, A Day Without Work

octoberYou guys, I feel like I am still not back into the swing of things after vacation . . . at the beginning of September. Since then, I’ve been going nonstop with the day job, freelance work, learning opportunities, and meetups. And I need a break.

A few days ago, I tweeted, “Sometime this month I am going to sit down with a book and a blanket and spiked cider and not work for a whole day.” A bunch of people got excited about this idea, and I decided to propose a holiday. So I declare that on Saturday, the eighteenth day of October in the year of our Lord two thousand fourteen, I will make myself hot spiked cider, curl up with a book, and not work at all. And you can too! It will be called A Book, A Blanket, A Day Without Work. Because that’s all I can come up with. If you have a better idea, feel free to rename it!

I invite you to join me! Tell me about your experience! How did it feel? When was the last time you got to rest intentionally? I want to know! Join me on Saturday, or pick your own day. Share your experience or don’t! No obligations! You do you. Just block out time to give yourself a break — whatever that looks like for you — and enjoy where you are. Enjoy the fall. Enjoy your family. Enjoy some solitude. Enjoy yourself.

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Brooklyn Pumpkin Tour

Can you imagine anything more exciting than a Brooklyn Pumpkin Tour? I certainly can’t. Brooklyn Based just published a post on where to get the best pumpkin stuffs in the area. They also link to this Pumpkin Ale Chocolate Cake recipe. Mmm-hmm.

This whoopie pie doesn’t look like it quite measures up to my Amish/Mennonite baked-good standards, but it’ll do. If I lived in Park Slope, I think I could sacrifice accessibility to authentic Amish baked goods. Or just make my own, I suppose.

via Brooklyn Based

Maybe I’ll research and execute a Central PA pumpkin tour this weekend. How does that sound? Anyone want to join?


Pumpkin and chocolate

I’m fairly certain the combination of pumpkin and chocolate is to me what peanut butter and jelly is to normal people. Unfortunately, I really only partake of this delicious marriage of foods in the fall. Fortunately, I’ve done an awful lot of partaking so far this fall. I’ve made two batches of pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins (and then went on a surprise late-night muffin delivery to a friend who I thought could use some cheer-up muffins), and tonight I made chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. Ohmygoodness. My heart. My tongue. My belly.

Recipe found here.

I should probably be committed for making a double batch of these, but I’ll be taking lots to work tomorrow for our Halloween party, and then maybe bestowing a bunch more upon Problem Children Thursday night at staff meeting.

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Weekend To-Do List

I had plans to have a really autumnal weekend . . . farmers’ market, fall foliage viewing, mulled cider, pumpkin bread — the works! However, I have had to alter my plans. Now . . .

  • Stay inside
  • Drink lotsa hot chocolate and lattes and other warm drinks
  • Bake pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins and maybe pumpkin pie? (An aside: I am so very into pumpkin. I tried to buy a few cans a couple weekends ago, and the grocery store was OUT! No pumpkin! Apparently everyone else in State College was making pumpkin stuffs that weekend, too. I eventually found some in another store, and bought about four cans. Then, last night, Chad and I were at the store, and right in front of the canned pumpkin was a sign informing us that there may be pumpkin shortages this season because of the POOR PUMPKIN CROP! What? I was distraught, and threw four more cans into the cart. There is so much pumpkin in our future and I cannot wait!)
  • Make a herringbone skirt with this amazing fabric found on clearance at Joann Fabric:

  • Shop for boots and sweaters . . . online
  • Buy some cute Tretorn boots and a snow shovel (yes, a snow shovel)

It’s a lovely October in Central PA. Just delightful.

That tree is still full of green leaves because, you know, it’s October. I certainly won’t miss State College in the fall. I was super late to work because I got stuck in the driveway. Chad had to turn around and come back to push my car out because we don’t have a snow shovel. Because, you know, it’s October.

The worst part? It’s not done snowing. Sigh.