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Weekend Pairing: DIY Holiday Edition


I had seen this gold leaf pinecone garland weeks ago & decided I needed to make one. Except I skipped the whole gold-leaf process & took a pile of pinecones out back and spray painted them. There. The lazy girl’s guide to DIY Christmas cheer! What’s that? Oh, you’re right. Lazy girls don’t spray paint pinecones at all! Ok then, it’s the DIY Christmas cheer hacker that does that.

After they dried, I screwed in the hooks & tied them to twine. Ta-da! I ended up with three garlands and a ton of extra pine cones, so I picked out the prettiest ones and put them in a vintage milk glass dish I snagged at my favorite thrift store when I was back home over Thanksgiving.

pinecone garland

To be honest, I kind of cheated on the wreath. These flowers are from a friend’s wedding last year. She encouraged us to take as many as we wanted. I’d been wanting a fun way to use them since then & a simple wreath seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I picked up a straw wreath at Joann Fabrics, curled up on the couch with Love Actually, wound twine all around the wreath, and tied on my friend’s wedding flowers. Done!

If you feel so inclined to try any of these, let me know how it goes! I’d love to see what you do with them!

twine wreath

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30 Days – Day 17

This may very well be my all-time DIY best. I’m not going to pretend that it wasn’t a giant pain, but I love how it turned out.

It all started with this. I pinned one photo, in particular, with far-off, fictional really, visions of doing this myself someday.
But then, 30 Days of Creativity came along, and suddenly I had no excuse. It was on my list of things I wanted to make. This list is certainly not long, so neglecting this one item on my list would mean I’d have to come up with another idea to replace it.
So that is how I found myself at Lowe’s yesterday, looking at paint chips, and picking up a few washers for yesterday’s effort.
This is what I found.

Valspar Allen + Roth Jackson Square
And this is what it became. Times four.

I soon realized that I did not have enough drop cloths or a big enough apartment to let them all dry on the floor like this.
So I had to move them, wet paint and all, to a drying station.

I had to shut P. Honey Cat in the bathroom for the rest of the afternoon so she didn’t destroy all my pretty drying things.
And finally, after I had some helping putting up the curtain rods that have been hiding in a corner of our bedroom since we moved in six months ago, we hung and then trimmed them to an appropriate length.

Doesn’t Ting Ting, or Tiny the Toy Piano, look handsome against the yellow chevron? I think so.
I really could not be more pleased with how these turned out.
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30 Days – Day 16

I skipped yesterday. Meh.

I have something big-ish planned for tomorrow (and maybe a few days after that, depending on how long it takes me).
While gathering supplies for my big-ish plans at Lowe’s, I grabbed a bunch of washers. I’ve had this easy project saved in my Feedly for such a time as this. I had been meaning to do it for months.
Quick, easy, able to watch TV while constructing it. A win.

Repurposed materials are apparently my jam, lately.
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30 Days – Day 14

Chadoh put new strings on his guitar awhile ago.

I saved them to make this.

I bought a clasp for it today, but I’m not sure how to attach it to a whole bunch of old guitar strings. Making and fixing simple jewelry seems easy, but I lack even the base knowledge to make it work.


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30 Days – Day 9

I’ve been working on this one for months. Not a question of difficulty or time investment, but procrastination and hesitation.

I found the frame in a junk shop for a couple bucks. I bought the chalkboard paint for it months ago, had my dad cut the piece of wood to size, and then waited for a nice day to paint it.
Then, there was the dilemma of how to attach the board to the frame. This dilemma took another couple months to resolve.
But tonight, with Chad’s help, everything was put together.
And now it hangs in our kitchen.

It’s still hard for me to write on a vertical surface. I got pretty decent at it during my long term sub job, but that skill has atrophied with time.
Chad actually asked the landlord once if we could paint a chalkboard wall. He was not so into the idea. Besides, they’ll probably be passe soon anyway. They are so fun, though. This chalkboard in the kitchen will suffice for now.