Lunchtime Reads 10.22.14

Lunchtime Reads

Saturday was A Book, A Blanket, A Day Without Work! Did you participate? How did you celebrate? Despite a super stressful week, I was able to spend some time in the park and then curl up with my spiked cider & some Marilynne Robinson for the afternoon. It was perfect. I’ve been really craving a return to printed fiction. Nothing better than pages in my hands.

In spite of that, here’s what I’ve been reading around the web lately. Happy lunchtime reading!

Often, ambition is considered a good thing. But what if it starts to eat at you, whispering that you should do more or work harder and longer?

Do you feel like an adult? Do you think you ever will? Is feeling like an adult a myth?

What do you actually want to do? Being famous or inspirational are not  actual goals. You have to actually do something.

Politeness inspires empathy: “I am often consumed with a sense of overwhelming love and empathy. I look at the other person and am overwhelmed with joy.

“For every well-written bio, there are dozens of mistakes – judgment errors, missed opportunities, wrong intentions. And yet, we press on. We move forward.” If your wrote your real bio, what would it say?