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Classes at 3rd Ward Philly

I’ve written before about the beautiful coworking space up at 3rd Ward. I’ve been working from there about once a week since it opened, so I was really excited to see their class schedule start filling out.

I decided to start with a Photoshop class to get some more structured practice and experience with the program, and I’m really excited to start implementing some of the things I learned into this blog. Sometimes it’s nice to get someone else’s perspective on something you’re already a bit familiar with. Even though I’d been splashing around in Photoshop for awhile now, I learned a ton and came away more visually inspired.

This is the image I’m most excited about.

Hallgrimskirkja church, reykjavik

You can read more about my experience at the 3rd Ward Photoshop class over at Femme & Fortune today! Check out the rest of 3rd Ward’s current Digital Media class offerings, too.

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3rd Ward Philly Sneak Peak

3rd Ward is a coworking and makerspace in Brooklyn. I had been hearing for months that they were planning a second location in Philly, and I’m excited to say that it’s finally happening! The Philly location is at 4th and Thompson. It’ll offer coworking space, classes, and events, starting tonight! There’s an opening party from 8 to midnight with drinks, DJs, food, and something to make!

They’ll be open for free coworking this week from 2 to 8 pm Tuesday through Friday. You can definitely find me there during that time.

I was lucky enough to get a little tour a few weeks ago, when they were still furniture-less and setting things up. The space is beautiful, and I’m excited to spend a ton of time in it in the very near future!

3rd Ward Philly ceiling

3rd Ward Philly textures

3rd Ward Philly