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She Tech Philly — A resource for women in technology

Ever since Lady Hacks, I’ve been working with an amazing group of women on She Tech Philly, a central hub for women interested in the Philly tech scene to find meetups, events, and information. We’ve been meeting fairly regularly over the past month or so since Lady Hacks, and we were finally able to officially launch on Saturday, the day of the Philly Women in Tech Summit. Lauren, Darlene, and I were at the summit talking about the site, handing out stickers, and of course learning as much as possible.

She Tech Philly

I’ve really had an amazing and totally unpredictable year since last year’s first Women in Tech Summit. My year since that event is really worth a post in itself, but I consider this event to have been such a catalyst in the direction I’ve been moving towards. I couldn’t have imagined the ways my life has changed in the past year, and I’m so grateful for it and for the hardworking and supportive people I’ve met along the way. So here’s to LeeAnn, Darlene, Alexandra, Lauren, Kelsey, Leslie, and all the other women who had a part in the site coming together from its inception at LadyHacks! Y’all are the best, and I’m excited to see where we go from here.