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SF bound

This morning, Chad bought our plane tickets to San Francisco! I’m hoping to find some interesting places to go. My travel M.O. has typically been to wander around until I find something that looks interesting. This often results in hunger, exhaustion, and frustration, especially if other people are involved. (The day we wandered up and down Las Ramblas until I got so grumpy I begged Chad to stop and buy me ice cream from a McDonalds (McDonalds! Of all places! We were in Barcelona for goodness’ sake! It didn’t matter. I was hungry and tired and wilty and whiny. I needed calories.) comes to mind.)

So, I’d like to pick out at least a few specific sights to see, places to eat, and routes to wander. I’ve already started researching our options, and I wasn’t sure how to keep track of my links so far. So here’s what I’ve found. I’ll be certain to add as we go along.

826 Valencia is already on my non-negotiable list. We’ve been to the Superhero Store at 826 NYC, but I’d love to see the original center in SF. Now, if I could just get myself to 826 National 101. I would definitely go if we happened to be there when it’s going on. Alas.