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One Month!

So, I’ve hit the approximate one month mark since I left my 9-to-5.

I can honestly say that I don’t regret it in the least, and I’m incredibly blessed/lucky/privileged to have been able to leave.

Since then, I’ve been focusing on writing, learning web design, and working on other projects that I’m excited to share in the near future! I’m calling it “learnployment.” I am not unemployed. I chose to leave, and I work from home every day on projects of my choosing. In a lot of ways, I feel more occupied with projects than I did when I commuted to a job in the suburbs.

Though I am still struggling a bit with the schedule I’ve laid out for myself, and some days I feel like a huge failure in the productivity department, I realize that I have been either learning or creating (or both) every single day.

I’m used to getting it all done. Overscheduling and writing to-do lists that no one could accomplish in a day. I expected that most days I would feel like I haven’t done enough or learned enough or managed my time well. And that’s been true. But I’m also learning to recognize that progress sometimes comes at a slower pace, in smaller increments than I would like, and that’s ok.