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Lunchtime reads: 11.16.12

So… lunchtime reads disappeared for awhile. Truth be told, that’s because my structured lunchtime disappeared, too. I’ve been struggling a bit with implementing a good, solid structure to my post 9-to-5 days, but I’m working on it.

This week, I planned to have lunch. Lunch in which I do not write, feel bad about my level of productivity, or dangerously cross boundaries by eating at my desk. I will eat lunch at the kitchen table and let my mind drift away from work and toward things that catch my eye on the internet (and maybe in print). So that is my mini lunchtime manifesto.

Sarah Bessey tells the truth.

I’m getting kind of restless at home. Maybe switching up my space would help.

Penis envy is not a thing… but beard envy is?

I love the illustration that goes with this article from The Rumpus that’s been flying around this week. And, of course, the article itself.

Happy weekend!