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going LOCAL!

So, in my search for meaningful work to do when I’m not at my day job, I stumbled upon the opportunity to help out a friend who is working on his second book. Meet Ken Hull. He’s a local artist-turned-author. His first book, which he self-published, is going LOCAL! An Adventurer’s Guide to Unique Eats, Cool Pubs & Cozy Caf├ęs of Central Pennsylvania. It’s a really interesting, fun, informative, and quick read for anyone looking for a more homegrown type of dining experience. Say what you will about the barren wilderness of Central PA, this book has made me appreciate the interesting eateries in our region. It’s no Park Slope, Brooklyn, but it’s got some gems of its own. It was especially fun to read profiles of restaurants I had gone to growing up (Honey Creek Inn — sorry, it’s got no website, which is acceptable, I suppose, for a restaurant in Mifflin County; Meyer Dairy), coffee shops I’ve frequented since moving to State College (Webster’s), and places I’ve been curious about but have never actually visited (Otto’s, The Cheese Shoppe).

Anyway, I’m going to be copy editing the next book (going LOCAL Volume II) for Ken, tweeting about upcoming events and other info from his Twitter account (@goinglocalpa), blogging and writing for his website, and if I get really ambitious, editing the existing copy on his sites. We’re also meeting next week to start brainstorming some event possibilities — book signings and the like. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity, and I think it will be mutually beneficial — I need the experience, and he needs the help. If you get a chance, pick up a copy of the book (on sale at Webster’s — I saw some there while frantically looking for an up-to-date AP Stylebook the other night), follow @goinglocalpa, or check out his websites.

What have you been working on lately? Any interesting projects in the works?