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Costa Rica — Again!

TS Eliot Exploration quoteSo, remember that time a couple  years ago when I decided to do a series called “Flashbacks”? The one that never really materialized? Right, that one.

Well, I’m picking it back up. With Memorial Day almost behind us, the event I’m looking forward to most right now is going back to Costa Rica in June. It’ll be my third time there. I worked there on a missions base in 2005, visited again for our honeymoon, and am headed back because Chad’s company is having their annual summit there. I can’t complain!

So these days, I’m looking back to look forward. Thinking of where I was both times I was there and how I’ve changed since. How this time will be different and how it will be the same.

And yes, I took this photo on the plane on my way there for the very first time, almost ten years ago.