The cat is out of the proverbial bag…

…thanks to this Technically Philly article about me and a bunch of my friends.

Lisa Yoder, junior front end web developer Urban OutfittersSo here’s the deal: I’ll be starting as a junior front-end web developer on Urban Outfitters’ ecommerce team on February 10. I’m incredibly excited to learn from the team I’ll be working with and continue to grow as a developer.

None of this would have been possible without the outrageous support I’ve had from Philadelphia’s tech community and especially Girl Develop It. I’ve had a whole slew of people surrounding me, teaching me, and cheering me on, especially for the past year and a half since I left my proofreading job.

I still plan to keep nurturing my humble freelance business so that I can work on a variety of projects with a bunch of different people. It’s been so fun to work with the clients I’ve had so far, and I look forward to keeping those relationships alive. I have an announcement about that coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!