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30 Days – Days 11-12

As documented by my last post, I was home this weekend. When I talk about “going home,” I’m generally referring to Belleville. The reason why I went back this past weekend was to host a bridal shower for a dear friend from home. We’re scattered in different cities now, but it was fun to get the Eleven (mostly) all together again.

Planning a bridal shower is a ton of work. So, I’m counting the bridal shower we threw as my Day 11 creative thing. Here are the invites I made for it back in May.

I printed out the invites with the text, then stamped them with slices of lemon and lime, in lemon, lime, and orange colors. It was quite a process, but I enjoyed it.

I drove back to West Chester super late Saturday night, had a slow Sunday morning. Chadoh and I went on a walk, where we found this interesting thing. Even though I didn’t create something on Sunday (time for relaxation, and then helping during church ate up my time, which I am more than ok with), this photo represents one inspiring anonymous knitter! Sometimes, instead of producing, it’s helpful to take time to explore and notice the creativity around you.

It’s the third instance of urban knitting I’ve seen in the borough. I’m excited to find more!