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30 Days – Day 13

I was in quite the funk all day. It felt a lot like last summer, right after I moved here, and I spent my days refreshing Craig’s List in search of ever-elusive employment.

Then I left for the ESL class that I teach and interacted with a bunch of wonderful people. After class, I came home and made this.
My very first frittata
I inherited three old cast iron pans from friends who are moving to California. This is the second time I’ve used one. The first interaction we had was a giant cookie. Also a success.

Olive oil
A bit of onion
A bunch of baby spinach
A bunch of eggs
Some feta
And suddenly, I felt ever so much more productive! All it took was some volunteer ESL time and a foolproof frittata. And, because it had a bunch of spinach, I’m going to have a giant root beer float with local homemade root beer later. It’s amazing what meaningful interaction and successful, delicious food endeavors have done for my psyche.