2014 To Do List: Resolutions vs. Goals

Hand-dyed indigo yarn in Flagstaff, AZI pretty much ascribe to the school of thought that resolutions are generally whack. The things I want to do more of (or less of) each year tend to be pretty much the same. More creating, experimenting, traveling, friend hangs, etc. Our Unravelling the Year Ahead experience is pretty great for mapping out your year in broad strokes, and I tend to stay pretty vague even when there’s space to get specific.

So in addition to the broad sweeping adjectives I chose for 2014, I decided to make a to-do list as well. The list had two rules: Each item has to be realistically attainable and actually measurable. No vague words. No “do more yoga” or “read more books.” Each item is a quantifiable task. I hope that sharing them here is a good way to apply some healthy pressure to for me to make a plan to complete each of them.

2014 To-Do List:

  • speak at an event
  • record an EP with Chad
  • get published (in a periodical, online, in print, self-published, and/or ebook all count)
  • learn JavaScript & feel comfortable and confident using both it and jQuery
  • build another Rails app
  • find a house or apartment that feels like a more permanent living situation
  • read at least a book a month

Some of these are pretty lofty, but with some planning they should be reasonably attainable over the next twelve months. Do you make resolutions or goals? What are your plans for the year?